Welcome! This is the home page for Elizabeth Duke originally from Hoover, Alabama (suburb of Birmingham), later relocated to Huntington, West Virginia, Madison, Wisconsin, and now Seattle, Washington.

I'm an Infectious Diseases fellow at the University of Washington and am using mathematical modeling to understand virus-host interactions in the Schiffer Group (scroll down to see me) at the Fred Hutch.

For professional purposes, please see my CV last updated 05/29/19.

Also, I'd like to share a site I created as an undergraduate at Marshall University, Translating Martial: Dirty Latin Poetry. Forgive the old-fashioned web-making. The site features my translations of the Roman poet Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis) as well as translation assistance tools for translating a few epigrams yourself with little-to-no Latin experience. The site was formerly housed on the Marshall Classical Studies website. For those who have or will reference it, please change your citations to include the new site. Thank you.

For social purposes, please see a few of my photos.


Using EPIC AND ORCA Slides: ORCA and CORES 2019, EPIC 2019, Erica Stohs' VA Guide.

ORCA Dot Phrases (OPAT, Abx side effects, Abx lab monitoring, Abx dosing): ORCA_dot_phrases.docx, OK_dot_phrases.docx.

Exam Dot Phrase (General ID Physical) exam.docx.

Note that ORCA Dot Phrases have been approved by the division. OK dot phrases and the exam dot phrase have not been verified for accuracy and are not approved by the division, but may be quite helpful.

Me At Mt Rainier, Fall 2015


March for Science, 2017